Thursday, March 28, 2013

The little t guide to… Air Travel

I’m flying home tomorrow… again!  Then to Sicily on Sunday.  Of course I am thrilled about both, just less so about the plane trips.  Air Travel is entirely exhausting.

Here are three tips that make it easy (er):

1. Wear the softest, most comfortable clothes you own.

little t

What I usually wear on plane journeys are actually intended for sleeping in, but they pass as acceptable to wear in public (in my opinion at least…). Oysho seem to nail that ‘looks like clothes but feels like pyjamas’ thing I’m crazy about.


Just before my flight home last Christmas, Lucy gave me a gift of these slipper socks from Oysho (aren’t they cute?). They are twice as warm as regular socks, which is important since planes always tend to be freezing.

2. Try to get some sleep. 

Even if it’s a daytime flight,  sleeping makes the journey seem much shorter and more bearable. 


A good neck pillow is a must – I love this one by Muji – and although I always feel pretentious putting on an eye mask, they really work by tricking you’re brain into thinking it’s night-time. 


Let ear plugs deal with the noise.  If you’re already thinking about a soft blanket, I’m right there with you.  I just use a scarf from Zara- unfolded it’s huuuuge.  Build a jersey cocoon around yourself and hey presto, cozy-town central.  Population: one.

3.  Pack a picnic. 

We’ve talked about this before.  Honestly, this is the best advice of all.  This time I’m making a cous-cous salad and packing Bateel caramelised-pecan dates (my favourite) as a little treat.

bateel dates

I’m not even going to tell you to drink lots of water.  Everyone says that.  (They say it because it’s true).

Happy flying!


MARTA said...

Such great tips for travelling! All of them are a must while on air.. especially using the most comfy pieces and also, packing some food.. food on airports is bad and pricy. Happy holidays Thelma!

Mat said...

I've got problems when it comes to sleeping on planes, i just can't do it. maybe it's a self conscious thing.

happy travels

Meleonie E. Louise ♥ said...

Naw, I'm so jealous! Have fun on your trips! Aaaah, YES. I've (stupidly) worn skinny leg jeans on a flight before... despite being a short flight it was highly regrettable! I love those socks! So adorable!

Gloria said...

I'm totally jealous that you have a pair of those fox socks - so cute!

EMA said...

Wow enjoy your trips!! And those travel clothes + tips sound great. I am sure you will look amazing with them on!

Krystal said...

did you have an amazing time??? are you still out and about? all of this getup looks amazing :)