Wednesday, December 1, 2010

50 Things: Roisin

In the third of this series on getting to know my friends, Allow me to introduce you to Roisin and her list of 50 insignificant little things about her:

1. I can't sleep lying on my left side. It freaks me out to hear/ feel my heartbeat.
2. I like to drink lemon juice from the fake little lemon.
3. I have no sense of direction. whatsoever.
4. In third class, I put a babybell cheese case into my friend's hair. Our desks were positioned with our backs to the sun and the wax melted into her hair.
5. Upon meeting most men, I have an ability to discern which type of animal they most resemble.
6. I can spread all my toes and keep them that way.
7. I could eat chips every day.
8. I have been known to indulge (once) in 'toffee'- an accidental mixture of tea and coffee.
9. Heavy breathing really annoys me.
10. In sixth class, I was told I needed glasses. I am now 23 and still avoiding the opticians.
11. I will never tire of watching reruns of Friends.
12. It takes a lot to make me cry.
13. I taught my older sister, Lorraine, how to tie her shoelaces.
14. I also told Lorraine the truth about Santa, and the Toothfairy.
15. I once (thinking the judge was about to ring the bell) bowed in the middle of an Irish dancing competition. I then had to straighen up and continue dancing.
16. I have a weird gathering of freckles in the shape of Africa on my forehead.
17. I am actually pretty shy.
18. I love to nap.
19. I stole a purple snack bar when I was three years old. I can still remember every calculated move.
20. Dancing makes me happy.
21. I have a very low people tolerance
22. Other people's clothes/ food is always so much more appealing to me.
23. My attempts to be organised invariably end in chaos.
24. I ask too many questions when watching movies.
25. I have a second brown belt in karate.
26. I consider cereal to be a totally acceptable meal for dinner.
27. I have a recurring dream that involves either my teeth falling out, or them crumbling with me subsequently swallowing them.
28. I cannot cook and I've pretty much given up trying. I have severe timing issues.
29. I am a strong believer in the power of negative thinking. No expectations. No disappointments.
30. Warm bread presented as 'toast' upsets me.
31. Often, when having a conversation with someone, I will change topics in my head and continue on without letting the person know of the shift.
32. I am a marketer's dream. Shiny, colourful packaging? Sold!
33. I watch Fair City, just to annoy myself.
34. Hindsight plays a big part in my life.
35. The only thing I have ever won was an Easter egg. A small one.
36. I can do a lot of things to an average standard. Regrettably, I do not excel at any one thing.
37. When I was in Senior Infants, I used to take secret trips to the cloakroom several times a day (under the pretence of going to the bathroom) to try on a pair of shiny black boots that belonged to one of my classmates. I loved those boots so much.
38. Recently, my shoe size went from a 5 to a 3. I now wear a 4.
39. When I was little, I gave every scrap of my money (ice-cream money and the likes) to my sister, Lorraine.
40. I love black and white pictures.
41. I have an impressive collection of beanie babies.
42. I once got my head stuck between the stairs.
43. I have done two bungee jumps.
44. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve is one of my all-time favourite songs.
45. I love people who make me laugh.
46. I tend to remember events by what people were wearing.
47. If I am walking on my own and someone is walking behind me, I often stay to sway slightly as if I am drunk. I honestly can't help it.
48. I love being by the sea and eventually want to live by the coast- preferably in a hot climate.
49. Until quite recently, whenever taking down an email address, I would write 'underscore' instead of _
50. Until recently, I thought that runners thrown over a telephone wire meant that drug dealers literally took off their runners and threw them up there after a deal.

You can read my list here, and Niamh's list here. Please please write yours and send it to my email!

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Chelsea Lane said...

I love laughing and black and white toooo! fun post :)