Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 Things: Niamh

I had a lot of fun compiling my 50 Things post, but it is even more fun to read yours! This list put a smile on my face on a particularly dreary Monday morning, so I decided to share.

This is Niamh and this is her list.

1. I only started drinking tea at the age of 22.
2. I have a birthmark, which resembles a coffee stain on my left hand. I used to think it was dirt and try to scrub it off.
3. I like listening to music right before I go to sleep and right when I wake up.
4. I love falling asleep listening to rain and stormy weather outside.
5. I always have a to-do list. Sometimes I write things I've already done on my list, just so that I can cross them off.
6. No matter what the weather, I prefer bare legs when I'm going out to tights.
7. I don't really enjoy roast dinners.
8. I have huge problems discerning left from right. When people ask me for directions, I just have to point.
9. People-watching is one of my favourite activities, particularly at the airport.
10. I enjoy squeezing spots and blackheads.
11. Princess Diana died on my 9th birthday. All the adults at my birthday party were glued to the TV.
12. Elevators that go fast make me feel sick and scare me a little.
13. People tell me I have an embarassing laugh. It is pretty loud. When I am in hysterics , it's completely silent apart from the odd screech.
14. I am particularly bad at recognising celebrities (and knowing their names).
15. Most days when I am eating breakfast, I think about what I'd like for dinner.
16. It takes a lot of hard work and hairspray to get curls to stay in my hair. Meabh is the only person who has ever successfully curled my hair.
17. I know nothing about politics.
18. The more stressed I get about something, the less I achieve.
19. My favourite thing to do on a crisp Winter's day is to walk along the beach.
20. I wanted to call our dog Sisqo but I wasn't allowed. We called him Shadow instead.
21. My favourite thing to do on a night out is dance.
22. I hate public speaking. Even in smaller groups, I go bright red if I have to speak.
23. Toast has to be buttered into the very corners.
24. I like the window seat on planes.
25. I think glasses suit me, but I don't need to wear them.
26. I cry at the happy parts in films.
27. I really appreciate nice gift wrapping.
28. It really bothers me when people chew loudly or with their mouths open.
29. I would prefer to die than to eat puréed food.
30. Shoes are my favourite thing to shop for.
31. I secretly enjoy watching programmes about cooking and cleaning.
32. I am completely incapable of being subtle.
33. I am really bad at knowing the location of countries/ cities and try to avoid any geography- related conversations.
34. In spite of number 33, I cannot wait to travel the world.
35. I am jealous of my brother, Eoin, who has higher cheekbones and longer eyelashes than me.
36. I don't like milk. When I am eating cereal, I tip the spoon so that the milk drains off before I eat it.
37. I have never dyed my hair.
38. I can't whistle or click my fingers.
39. I but the Sunday Times solely for Style magazine. The paper gets discarded instantly.
40. Until last year, I had never attended a wedding.
41. The first time I was on Dublin Bus, I handed the driver a five euro note and said "Dundrum please!".
42. I am obsessed with having a skinny arm in photos... to the point where I sometimes look like I am trying to break my own arm.
43. I regard my housemates as my second family.
44. I hate patent leather.
45. Every morning when I get out of bed, I make it straight away so that I won't be tempted to get back in.
46. I hate doing my own eye make-up.
47. I can watch films/ read books that I have already seen/ read and not remember how it ends.
48. I consider myself to be a good judge of character.
49. Cleaning without wearing rubber gloves makes me squirm (even if it is someone else doing it).
50. I love having manicured nails.

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Krystal said...

what an interesting and fun list! i'm glad you found my blog so i can find yours :)