Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Every year, it's tradition in the Frayne household for each of us to sit down (usually around this time in November) and compile a Christmas Wishlist. Here's how it works:

Compiling your list: THE RULES
  • The list must be sufficiently long, so that anything that you get from it will still be a surprise.
  • You must like everything on the list in (almost) equal measures, so that you won't be disappointed if you get one thing over another.
  • Once your list has been completed and handed over, you cannot buy anything on the list yourself (or a similar/ alternative item). (This may seem like an obvious one, but it can be very tempting).

This year, I've decided to publish my list- It will be nice and organised, complete with pictures and links, eliminating the need for me to burnish detailed instructions on where to purchase.

Hopefully, it will be the start to getting us all in the Christmas spirit, and maybe even give you some inspiration for your own Christmas Wishlists and ideas of what to buy for your family and friends.

This is my list.

1. Perfume

Coco mademoiselle Eau de Parfum: I consider this my signature scent.
Coco mademoiselle Velvet Body Oil: I usually love oil-based products because of the moisturising effect on my skin, so I was excited to find out about this!
Hugo Boss Orange

The best place is buy is the duty-free of course. Otherwise, Chemists nationwide or if you want to shop online, try StrawberryNET.

2. Sex and the City Box Set
(This has been on my list for two years running now)(!)
You can get it on Amazon, with free super saver delivery, here

3. Books
It is always nice to have some good reading material over Christmas. Here are a few I've heard good reviews on- all available on Amazon or from good bookshops.

4. Make up/ tools
I'm dying to sample the new Topshop make-up line.

Topshop lips in Rio Rio

Topshop lip polish in Poetic
Topshop make-up brush set.

5. Lush Treats
Butterball, Big Blue, Dragon's Egg, Keep it fluffy (orange or purple) bath ballistics; Ceridwyn's Cauldron and Dreamtime luxury bath melts; Rub Rub Rub (in a tub) shower scrub; Flying Fox and The Olive Branch shower gels; Dream Cream.

Lush shops are in Dublin and Cork, or you can buy online at

6. Notebooks
I like these two from Topshop...
...and this fabric-covered one from Not on the High Street...

but you can pick your own!

7. Pajamas
Veeerrry important at Christmas time!

I love these ones, from Topshop (size 10).

8. Knitwear

Knitted shawl cardigan in Charcoal (size 8) from Topshop.

9. Hair and Beauty Products
Morrocan Oil (I need to try out this miracle product) - Lots of high-end hairdressers are starting to stock this, or you can buy it online here.
Embryolisse Cream Lait Creme Concentrate- I've only been able to find this on ebay, here.
The Body Shop Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel (cos Fuzzy Peach will be all gone by Christmas) .

10. A surprise
I love surprises.


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