Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The little t guide to... Being a foodie

Do you know what this is? It's a sushi Christmas tree of course- isn't it cool? I found it here.

I don't know too much about cooking (hence why I've never tried to do a recipe post), but what I am good at is talking about and eating food. And isn't that what being a foodie is all about?

I know what you are thinking- poor talentless little t- anyone can talk about and eat food. ANYONE. But no! It takes years of practice- keeping up to date on the newest food trends (Sushi Christmas trees?), hours of labourous trawling through food blogs for the latest must-eats, watching reruns of The Restaurant and mimiking Tom Doorley... the arduous list goes on.

Never fear! I've done the legwork for you and when it comes to that all-defining moment in a foodie's career- the complicated menu- here is my little t guide so that you too can avoid pointing at the menu like a simpleton...

The top ten mispronouced foodie words (and how to pronounce them):

Gnocchi (Nyoh-kee)
Gyro (Yeer-oh)
Huitlacoche (Wheet-lah-koh-chay)
Pouilly-Fuisse (Poo-yee-fwee-say)
Mole (Moh-lay)
Paczki (Poonch-key)
Pho (Fuh)
Prosciutto (Proh-shoo-toe)
Sake (Sah-kay)

Which foodie words do you have issues with pronoucing?


Emma said...

Quinoa is my *favourite* frequently mispronounced work.
(...have to admit to never having heard of Huitlacoche or Mole!)

Jude said...

I seriously would LOVE that sushi Christmas tree in my living room! Haha, I love the mispronounced list - I'll probably go around all day saying prosciutto in my head now :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha that is so cute! Too bad I don't like sushi XD
I have trouble saying lots of stuff...haha

Styles 'n Cream said...

Thank you for this guide ... maybe you can give us some short descriptions. What is Huitlacoche or Mole, or paczki? I thought I was a foodie ... hahaha

Samantha said...

LOVE the sushi tree! I want one! :o)



Becca said...

you got me on a bunch of these, thelma.
words I haven't had to use much, but in my mind I said it differently
thanks! this is helpful!

Catita said...

you are so lucky to have bangs! In Holland it is so humid I jut dont dare ;)
And I want all that sushi!

elledee said...

sushi christmas tree! omg adorable

little t said...

Okay so Mole is a thick Mexican-style sauce, huitlacoche is a type of edible fungus (I think it grows on corn) and paczki are traditional Polish pastries (similar to doughnuts).

Emma, how could I forget Quinoa (keen-wa)??


its simple love said...

ha ha I am glad you were inspired by the picture! I loved it too. And I love gnocchi's. I always get nervous ordering them because I feel I am saying them wrong... ha ha. Thanks for the clarification!