Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Pix Fridays

Last night, Roisin and I watched Fade Street and One Night Stand and toasted mini marshmallows over four tea lights (in the absence of an open fire, we improvised).
This weekend, I am looking forward to getting dressed up (tonight) for the unofficial start to a month of parties/ nights out, NOT spending the weekend driving- and finally getting a chance to enjoy the snow, ticking more items off my Christmas shopping list, turning our apartment into a mini-SPA for DIY treatments on Sunday and extending the fun by taking Monday off work and (hopefully- weather permitting) spending the day in IKEA.
Happy Friday everyone! x


Becca said...

Toasted marshmallows over tea lights!?!
How great is that!
I love it.
Did they come out nicely?

Izzy said...

These pics are awesome! Thanks for the comment! Hope you visit/follow back ;)

josephine said...

where do u find your friday fun pics? they're great!x

M said...

what a FUN collection of photos! great blog:)

thanks for stopping by my blog, belles&rebelles, and for your comment too! So sweet of you! I am officially your newest follower! don't forget to enter my leather jacket giveaway!


Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Cute collection of photos and cute blog!
I'd love for you to visit and enter my GIVEAWAY! :)

Marta on cocogroove said...

Thanks for you sweet comment :)
These are very unexpected pictures... I actually think that the one with the woman in the street looking at the plants is my city, or maybe not. But it looks like a random Barcelonian street.

Styles 'n Cream said...

I love the first pic - brings me memories from my childhood

Krystal said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! And these pics are fab, have a good sunday :) (the pig one cracks me up)

little t said...

Becca, the tea lights worked a treat, you should try it. But you've gotta use mini marshmallows or you'd be there for hours I'd say.

And Josephine, every time I see a picture on another blog or anywhere online, I save it up to share on Fridays!

Thanks for all the lovely comments x

Lauren said...

i love all of these pictures! they made me smile. i especially like the one of the plant with eyes.

helena said...

Those pics are cuuuute as hell

x helena