Monday, June 3, 2013

Best of… May 2013

This month, can we consider how some people are going to look cool no matter what they pull on them in the morning?  Basically, I have a theory that is the reverse of Twain’s the clothes maketh the man.

I read everywhere not to be fooled by messy, thrown-together perfection because it’s not real and it actually requires a lot of effort.  I want to believe that.  If you like, you can imagine that what you’re about to see requires careful planning, regimental wardrobe organisation, designer friends and endless supplies of cash.  You can do that but you’d be fooling yourself.  By you, I mean me.

I’m fairly confident that it’s the people here that are cool and the clothes only by association.  The (wo)man maketh the clothes.  There, I said it.

may caradona1

may caradona

may modernhep2

Christina Caradona, via Trop Rouge

may citybrewed1

Ellie Eckert, via City Brewed

may ft1

Rumi Neely, via Fashion Toast

may weworewhat1

Danielle Bernstein, via We Wore What

may facehunter1

via Facehunter

may prettything1

Carolyn Yuen, via Hey Pretty Thing

may sart1

may sart2

via The Sartorialist

may sj1

may sj3

may sj2

may sj4

may sj5

may sj6

Jules Sarinana, via Sincerely Jules

may tuula1

Jessica Stein, via Tuula

may wheredidyou1

may wheredidyou2

via Where did you get that?

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The Dainty Dolls House said...

All gorgeous. Love the guys suspenders (laces) in the last picture, super cool :)) xx

ivette said...

loving all the pics.. cool styles, especially on the last photo.. i loved that one...
masculine accents on girl's outfits are post

shannah said...

Love the mast photo! That guy looks awesome! Cute clothes and accessories! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love that dotty shirt...So sassy. Have a beautiful start to the week, lovely.

Erin said...

The woman totally maketh the clothes. It's all about attitude! xo

Mat said...

alright for some isn't it, they make it look so easy. shucks...

Mat said...

L'occitane shaving stuff ay, no i haven't. wonder where i can find it?

Anonymous said...

What beautiful people!

Camila Faria said...

Oh, it certainly helps if you're cool, not only the clothes. I think. :)

kirstyb said...

love all these looks x

NaNa said...

a nice little compilation there , great photos ^^

MARTA said...

Thank you for welcome message, Thelma. I ended up having a great time in LA. As for your post, i think it's a mixture of some careful planning and great attitude (and some cash too!). So basically, i think you're just right. But, the thing is that if you have no attitude, then the rest is meaningless. Btw, i didn't know about Christina Caradona and looks like she has tons of great everything :)

MARTA said...
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little t said...

There's a L'occitane stand-alone store in Blackpool Mat! You should check it, totally your style.

It was a very welcome return Marta. Can't wait to hear all about LA. I didn't know about her either until this month.

Laura Bear said...

They really make it look so easy!

Kristen said...

I really like the third photo, that hair, those polka dots! Yes!

maria said...

first 2 pics! my fave. love the hair too.

raleve jesica said...

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