Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Best IKEA Hack

This past Christmas was extra special for our family as it was the first one with little Sophia.  I was excited to make it home to see her again after five long months – she had doubled her age in that time!  It all happens too fast.  One of the nice things about having a baby around at Christmastime is that children’s gifts are always the most fun.  Sophia got Lego from Santa Claus, lots of musical instruments (drums are her favourite) and even a baby-sized Mini Cooper from her Uncle Richie.

If I had seen this IKEA hack before Christmas, I’d like to think I could have made it happen and delivered the best present of all.

IKEA hack1

How awesome?  Have a look at the before. 

IKEA hack2

IKEA hack3

I love the little details, like the subway tiles and chic lighting. 

IKEA hack4

IKEA Hack5

IKEA hack6

Fiona, we have to attempt this sometime in the next year.