Friday, June 13, 2014

Dolce Vita

Do you remember in The Brady Bunch when one of the family members would need an obscure sum of money for a particular cause ($2, 140 to give a stray puppy a life-saving vaccination… or $8, 232 to stop the town’s library from being bulldozed… for example).  It would always seem as if their luck had just run out, when Marcia (Marcia Marcia) would spot a poster for an equally obscure competition and a top prize of the exact amount they were trying to get their hands on.


If real life were like that, I’d be staring saucer-eyed at a prize jackpot of €203.16 right now and the only thing standing between me and this dress would be the minor obstacle of winning some brother- sister dance competition.



Daydreaming takes up a big portion of my real-life.  €203.16 is too much to pay for a sundress. Is it? (I love it)

If I were a rich girl (a whole other daydream), I’d be taking the whole dang collection.