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Christmas Wishlist 2011

Okay, if you were with me last year, you know how this goes:  I make a list.  You guys buy me the stuff on the list.

Obviously, I’m joking.  Except some of you will be buying me some of the stuff on this list.  It might sound kind of ‘I want, I want, I want…’ and yes, Róisín laughed for about half an hour when I told her about this Frayne family tradition, but once she stopped laughing, she thought it was a good idea.

The list is a nice idea because sometimes your loved ones need a little help in choosing what will get you the most excited.  It’s nice to help people out.  I’m being nice.

Anyway, here’s what I want:

CHANEL le vernis-1

You can’t really go wrong if you buy me nail polish, particularly Chanel nail polish.  Pick a colour you like- I will like it too.  I also love Essie and OPI.

Bodas nightwear

New pyjamas for Christmas are the best and they are always on my list. This Bodas pair is perfect (available from Figleaves).

FC Black5ChristmasWishlist

Watch, by French Connection in White or Black (I can’t choose), available here.


Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange (available from Amazon, here).


Nomad Earrings, available from notonthehighstreet.com (here).

locc bathandshowerlocc relax

I usually go through phases with scents, but the Relaxing collection by L’Occitane has been steadfast on my list of favourite smells for years now.  It is heady with lavender and geranium, but still very subtle and clean (almost soapy). On my list this year:  (Any combination of) the scented candle, bath and shower gel, body lotion, essential oil and pillow mist

candle menthe vertcandle patchouli

Luxurious scented candles by Diptyque Paris in Menthe Verte and Patchouli.  Shop online (or check for your nearest store) here.

NARS bronzer lagunaNARS night series eyes

In my last post, I mentioned my newfound obsession with NARS- pictured here is the Laguna Bronzer and the Night Series Eyeshadow Palette.  Shop online/ check locations here.

Choc Granola

You can’t put breakfast on your Christmas List!  Except you can.  My amazing sister, Fiona, once gave my brother a big jar of homemade Chocolate Granola, for no reason at all.  I have no idea why said jar was not given to me.  Did I eat two massive bowls of her personal stash, leaving her hungry and without so much as an apology note?  No.  I would never do that.  I would have left a note.  Maybe I will get a jar this year.  Fiona, make it happen! No pressure.  If you are not Fiona and you would still like to make me some Granola, knock yourself out. Fi’s recipe is an adaptation of this one.

Fiona's Pics 022

Lego.  For Thing #17 on my list: Build Something with Lego.  And also because Lego rocks. (Fiona and Damo made this Lego House and Camper).

COS greenCOS white

I recently discovered that COS basic t-shirts are the best.  If money weren’t an issue, I’d have two in every colour.  Pictured here in Forest Green and White.  Available online here.

jo malone

Before I left home for Abu Dhabi back in August, my leaving present from my Mam and Dad was also my first introduction to Jo Malone.  Now I’m hooked and I don’t think I’ll ever wear any other fragrance.  I have Pomegranate Noir Body & Hand Lotion and White Jasmine & Mint Cologne and I’m intoxicated by the unique combination.  Every gift purchased includes an in-store hand and arm massage, which is when I got to sample the Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub.  It. is. heaven.


I’m a huge fan of photo-gifts.  I reckon my friends and family are probably sick of getting framed pictures and albums as presents (?), but I will never tire of giving (or getting) them.


If you’re making a Christmas Wishlist that you intend to publicise, the trick is to make it nice and long- you won’t get everything on the list, so your gifts will still be a surprise and what you do get will be awesome.  Also, make sure your family and friends talk to each other so there’s no doubling up on gifts.

What’s on your list this year?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Best of… September 11

Still playing catch-up…

Sept Cupcakes1

I spotted these polishes on Fashion Toast, but I still (two months later) can’t find them in the shops.  I need them. all.  Please can someone tell me where I can get them immediately.  I’m hoping to avoid another waiting list situation, where possible.  Waiting lists for nail polish is a little ridiculous.  Even I can see that.

Sept Cupcakes2

I invested in my first NARS product a couple of months ago: the iconic ‘The Multiple’.  All the rumours are true- it is the most valued item in my make-up case.  Now I want everything else in the line.  This Laguna Bronzer will definitely be on my Christmas List this year.

So, on to clothes, and among the things I bowed down to during the month of September: Ripped jeans, marled grey, looking comfortable…

Sept Khatu2

Sept Khatu1

… stripes, daytime sequins, ray bans, pretty people (Nicely played, I am Khatu!)…


…loooooong hair, massive handbags, neon lips… (via Stockholm Streetstyle)

Sept Rumi2

Sept Facehunter1


…black and white… (via Fashion Toast, Facehunter and Stockholm Streetstyle)



via Stockholm Streetstyle

… and leather.  It’s too hot for leather here.  Although sometimes I get pangs of homesickness, I have not once (yet) missed the Irish weather. When I overhear people saying they miss the rain, I fight the urge to slap them.  I do miss leather though.  Leather, and oversized jumpers worn with jeans.  And boots. 

Sept Rumi1


via Fashion Toast and Stockholm Streetstyle

I will be home for the Christmas break (in 3 weeks, 4 days and about 15 hours- but who’s counting?).  I’m looking forward to pulling out some old winter favourites, along with a couple of recent purchases- like this jumper (it’s the perfect slouchy fit- I bought it in two colours).


via Stockholm Streetstyle

Fortunately, there’s also tons of hot-weather inspiration in the blogosphere to keep me going until December 16th.

P.s. Readers, I promise never to use the word ‘blogosphere’ ever again.  Ugh.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Diary: Sri Lanka





















You’ll forgive me for not blogging this last week because I’ve been in Sri Lanka.  People don’t blog in Sri Lanka.  They rent bikes, and climb mountains, and watch sunsets, and have sing-songs, and walk around barefoot, and sip milk straight from the coconut, and swim in the monsoon rain on cliff-side swimming pools.  But blogging, oh no.

It was such a fantastic break.  I’ll tell you more about it later, but I’ll try not to turn into one of those people who begin each sentence with When I was in Sri Lanka…