Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thing #1: Complete a crossword

Earlier this year, I fell ill and had to take a day off work (shocker).  It is a weirdly exhilarating  feeling to see a full day of nothingness stretch out before you, even when you are under the weather.  I spent my free time drinking  lots of fluids and doing crosswords online.  That is the badassery that is my life.

Fullscreen capture 22052012 151854

I understand that crosswords are the dinosaurs of online pastimes- doomed for extinction- but I urge you, the next time you’re faced with an expanse of free time, ease up on the facebook thing (it’s not real life) and do a crossword instead.  Good clean fun.  Your Mother would approve of my advice.  She’d nod her head in quiet understanding.

€5 has been donated to The Alzheimer Society of Ireland for the completion of this ‘thing’- in loving memory of my Granny, the crossword queen.  Click here if you would like to donate online.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo.


I’m a bit of a pussy(cat) when it comes to needles so I don’t know how I could actually go through with it.

feather tat


home tat

hero tattoo


I love that Tattly do grown-up versions of the temporary tattoos we used to wear as kids.  They were made for wusses cautious types like me!



And these tattoos of truth made me laugh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dangerous Foods

dangerous foods

Uh-oh.  Red Velvet is my favourite.  (I love Gemma Correll).

Sunday, June 10, 2012


If you should ever have a choice between going to Paris and not going to Paris, you should always choose to go.  Paris is always a good idea.  I’m going back this Summer.  Roisin is coming too.  It’s time to get excited.

paris1 expresso

paris2 expresso

paris4 expresso

paris5 expresso

photos via Express-o

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best of… May 12

may expresso1

via Expresso

Diana wrote a post last month on stylish couples and it blew my mind-  how do these people find each other?  Are there secret parties that you only get invited to if you are impossibly stylish?  Maybe people who are made for each other will just find one another in this world.  That’s a nice thought.

may expresso2

via Expresso

No surprises:  Jules is my star lady again this month.  I simply can’t fault her.  Here she is in sheer polka-dots, , man shirts and blazers, pink denim and breton stripes- acting like its all no biggie.

may sj5

may sj4

may sj1

may sj3

may sj2

via Sincerely Jules

Do you know how much I like stripes yet?  If not, you must be new here.  Stripes spell summer to me.

may gildandgrace1

via Gild and Grace

may nisha2

via With Love, from Nisha

Ice-cream coloured nails spell Summer too.

may cupcakes1

via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Speaking of Summer, the temperatures here have risen into the mid 40s and I’m about ready to admit its too hot for me!  My discomfort will be short-lived as I’ll be on a plane home to Ireland in less than 3 weeks!  Two staples I’m looking forward to being reunited with: my mac and my leather jacket. 

may ft1

via Fashion Toast

I’m hoping the Irish Summer will still be, well summery, and I can still look forward to putting on my shades and going for long pointless strolls. (Last year it rained all. Summer. long).

may thesart1

via The Sartorialist

may tkow2

via That Kind of Woman

may mirroronthewall1

via The Mirror on the Wall

My blog discovery this month is The Mirror on the WallCheck it.

may tkow1

via That Kind of Woman

And here is a handsome man, because that approach went down so well the last time.  I’d like to retract any statements I may have made in the past about men sporting elbow patches.  Now come to Mama.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Nice Idea


In a bustling city, are you ever struck by how easy it is to avoid any kind of interaction with the people around you?  That’s the world we live in I guess.  This is a nice idea, in that kind of world.  I am so doing this.

P.s.  Another nice idea