Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rubber Gloves: a love story

There was once a great American surgeon named Halsted. He was married to a nurse. He loved her immeasurably. One day Halsted noticed that his wife’s hands were chapped and red when she came back from surgery. And so he invented rubber gloves. For her. It is one of the great love stories in medicine. The difference between inspired medicine and uninspired medicine is love.

- from The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sweeet:) Happy Thursday, love.

maria said...

ok firstly, YOU'RE back and HOORAY for that!!!!!!
Secondly, I like this little love story. :)
Thirdly, arrange that holiday to Australia you mentioned - and come to Adelaide so we can talk blog things. And I think we still need to talk about that idea we had way back some time earlier this year, no?

trishie said...

Aw. So sweet. Please tell me: true story..yes?

little t said...

Yeah it's a true story Trishie. Have I ever lied to you before?