Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best of… September 2013

sept sorakeem2

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In the rest of the world, September is about transitional dressing.  Seriously, it’s all you bloggers talk about the whole month long.  Meanwhile, in Ireland, we’re all engaging in a collective eye-roll, because that ‘transition’ you speak of is imperceptible here.  It’s just an abrupt switch.  One minute Woodies DIY is selling out of barbeques and the next minute it’s electric heaters.  It’s that quick.  Game over.

It seems unfair because I like the idea of getting another couple of months out of my Summer dresses and introducing my Winter staples bit by bit.  I think we Irish can still embrace the pseudo-transition by focusing on colour: Autumn make-up trends, earthy toned threads and no more fake tan!  Yes!

sept sorakeem1

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The two pairs of booties featured above are both by Isabel Marant.  I have the latter in black, which indicates two things:  1.)  I have very good taste in booties and 2.)  I won’t be able to afford the first pair (or the white trainer pair) anytime soon.  Le sigh!

sept sj1

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Any discussion of colour is going to have a link to Cocogroove.  My girl Marta knows colour.  I wish I could say ‘My girl…’ with some conviction.  Moving on… on my wardrobe wishlist:  Cobalt blue and army green.  And jumpsuits, always and forever.

sept ft1

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Newsflash:  Rumi does Monochrome.  Okay, that’s not news, but it’s not really old news yet either.  So perfect. 

sept sart2

sept sart

sept sart1

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And finally, Scott is making me fall in love with random strangers on the street again.  His n’ hers versions of that above.

Next up: October, and then we’re all caught up.  Peace out! 

I know!  I can’t say ‘peace out’ with any conviction either. 


Erin said...

I know, we all become broken records once September hits and the temperatures start falling into the 70s and 80s and we can finally (FINALLY) break out our boots. Don't worry, you'll hear the same sort of collective shriek once Starbucks releases it's iconic red holiday cups. Then the madness really starts! xo

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, I love that leather jacket:) Swoon! Have a great one, sweetie

Camila Faria said...

Army green = love!

Laura Bear said...

AHHH this round up is so good.... and that first pic is just o spot on!!!