Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best of… October 2013

oct sorakeem5

via Sorakeem

If there was a theme to this month’s ‘Best of…’ post, it would be ‘How to wear your boyfriend’s clothes and look completely adorable’.

Or your Dad’s, Brother’s, Grandad’s… whatever.  Make it work.

oct betty1

oct betty2

via Le Blog de Betty

You have to have a certain attitude when you’re wearing your Grandaddy’s clothes.  Betty’s got it down.  I’d aim for just shy of smug. 

oct ft1

oct ft2

via Fashion Toast

oct sart1

oct sj1

via Sincerely Jules

Jules’ coat is a steal from Misguided (not her usual designer threads): available here

oct sorakeem2

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Love (!) this grown-up metallic backpack

oct sorakeem3

oct sorakeem4

oct sorakeem6

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oct troprouge1

oct troprouge2

oct troprouge3

via Trop Rouge

oct sorakeem1

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Interesting fact:  this post starts and ends with two of my favourite style pictures ever.  Of all time.  So perfect.


Krystal said...

why can't i be this cute all the time?

ivette said...

loving these! especially the first photo...cool gals

Emma Henderson said...

I have wardrobe envy.

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, I am totally swoonwing over that first outfit. Perfection! Muah, love.