Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best of… June 2013

Summer fashion is HOT.  I’m hearing all this talk of Autumn/ Winter trends and I’m not ready.  What’s the rush?  Let’s just stop all the crazytalk and celebrate Summer.  In this post, there are  short shorts, bare legs, cropped things,  white dresses, sandals… the usual Summer suspects.  It’s not over yet.

june betty2

Betty is a fox.

june betty1

june betty3

Her foxy sandals are from Urban Outfitters and her foxy trench is from ASOS, via Le Blog de Betty

june sart2

june sart3

june sart4

Milan Fashion Week:  all the sexy ladies were at Prada and Missoni.  Look at that neckline held in place by the will of God…!, via The Sartorialist

june sj1

june sj2

june sj4

Jules, nailing it again and again and again and again.

june sj3

via Sincerely Jules

Something I’ve learned:  if you unsure about mixing prints (I am – it never ends up looking intentional), stripes are a good place to start.  Mixing a basic striped top with another print usually works out okay.  It’s a fail-safe option for people like me.

june sorakeem1

Olivia is also a fox.  She knows it though,  which makes her a less-likeable fox.  You know I’m right.  via Sorakeem

june troprouge1

june troprouge2

june tuula1

People who know it’s still Summer, via Trop Rouge and Tuula

june sj5

june tuula2

Details I loved this month:  layered necklaces and pretty embellished shoes, via Sincerely Jules and Tuula

june sart1

aaaand a token handsome man, as tradition dictates. via The Sartorialist  More on pinterest


Emma said...

I love Betty, her blog is one of my favourites! All of her photos are so gorgeous!

Emma x

Elle Sees said...

i LOVE jules!!

Matthew Pike said...

it's a win win for me really, i don't come on this blog to look at women but you forced me into it

Gloria said...

I'm inspired to go through my closet and put together a few new outfits now!

Erin said...

I lol'd at that one particular neckline because the same thought ran through my head, too! How on earth is she holding that shirt in place?! And I love Olivia, but yeah, she totally knows she's too cool.

Emma Henderson said...

If I looked like these superhumans I'm sure I'd be a lot more appreciative of teeny summer clothing. AW is so much more forgiving of us 'civilians'!

Melissa Blake said...

oh, i love that red striped shirt...sooo summery!

little t said...

Very true Emma. I guess I just like to pretend to myself...

little t said...

Ha ha Mat, don't you dare blame me for that!

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, I wish I could wear that white dress today. What a beauty and so perfect for a hot Monday. Muah