Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thing #74: Buy nothing unnecessary for a month

essie haute as hello fiji

Unnecessary:  Essie in Haute as Hello (coral) and Fiji (pale pink-white)

The Rules

Things that I deemed ‘necessary’ and thus, exempt from the shopping embargo for the purpose of this project

1. Food, even biscuits.  I didn’t think it wise to try to curb unhealthy shopping habits and eating habits at the same time.  Good Lord, I am only human.

2. Money spent on nights out.  On alcohol, yes.  You try working in my job for a week and then tell me Teacher’s Medicine is not a necessity.

3. Birthday presents and other gifts, because your friends shouldn’t have to suffer through this ‘thing’ with you.

4. Internet and telephone.  I doubt that my provider would have entertained the idea of cutting me off for one (unpaid) month anyway.  That’s my story.  Sticking to it.

You’re probably thinking my rules make this very easy indeed.  I also implemented the ban in January, making it even easier on myself since everyone seems to be tightening their purse strings at that time of year.  But easy, this was not.  No clothes (even January sales bargains!), no beauty products, none of my little sporadic pick-me-up purchases.  No really, this was dang hard! But, I can be pretty determined when I want to be.  I was going to nail this one on my first attempt if it killed me, which thankfully it did not.

The first thing(s) I bought after the month was up were Essie nail polishes in ice-creamy colours (pictured).  A completely unnecessary, but completely guilt-free purchase.

I don’t know if this ‘thing’ really had a positive impact on my spending habits in the longer-term (I don’t know if that was even my intention?), but either way it is good to step back sometimes and remind ourselves of the difference between what we need and what we’d like. 

€5 has been donated to UNICEF Ireland for the completion of this ‘thing’.  Click here if you too would like to donate online.


Susannah said...

Good luck to you, girl! It's always so good to break habits!

maria said...

this sounds like a better idea than whole30!! i buy way too much unnecessary stuff. I think this is going to make me a little more aware.
good luck! keep is posted x

Ann said...

That is a great idea
but I'm afraid I love shopping too much to give it up even for just a week... Good luck on you though,
let us know what happens.

little t said...

Well sorry to disappoint, but that's it - done - there were no intentions of this going on longer than a month!


No, it isn't easy lol! I've often wondered what it is really that drives us to get "unnecessary" things... I guess we all have our weaknesses! That pale Essie colour is gorgeous -- a great way to celebrate :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You did well doll! I will have to try doing this sometime. I think I could as I do have moments of being bored with shopping. Your nails look so pretty xx

Laura Bear said...

AH I was just telling a friend that I am not buying anything unnecessary for the rest of the month ( brought on by my buyers guilt from last nights shopping spree). A whole month sounds hard; good for you. We will see how I do with a few weeks....

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