Monday, May 6, 2013

Graphic Novels

Fiona recently gave me the graphic novel French Milk by Lucy Knisley as a birthday gift – it was the first graphic novel I’ve read and I really really loved it. It’s an illustrated diary-account of a 6 week trip to Paris that Lucy took with her mother. I didn’t start it until I was back from my Easter break to Sicily, but it would have made perfect holiday reading – light and funny; more gripping than a glossy magazine, without being as taxing on the brain as some of the literary greats.  In some ways, it reminded me of reading a really good blog. 

3-little t

Relish (by the same author) was recently published and I’m looking forward to reading it. 

I’m also on the hunt for other graphic novels.  Do you have any recommendations for me?


maria said...

I've never read a graphic novel before but I'm keen to look into getting one now. You've described it well - if it's anything like a really good blog, I think I'd be all over it!

Marlen said...

I have never tried a graphic novel before, but i've seen some really cool ones in the book stores i browse through. i don't know why i've never thought to pick one up! i like the sound of the paris adventure one, i can totally see that having a feel of a blog!!

And to answer your money saving question over on Dus's blog, I learned to stop being a princess haha. When we first started in India, I was very culture shocked by the rooms and bathrooms and I'd beg my boyfriend to help me hunt for pricier hostels, but that seriously ate up our cash very quickly. So I just learned to deal. And we'd hunt around for the cheapest rooms in our area, take third class trains and public buses rather than taxis or private buses (THAT was the biggest money saver!) and we tried to buy souvenirs at the very end to not go too crazy on the shopping. India was huge so most of our money was spent on transportation, but we tried really hard on being backpackers and not need the best of things, haha :)

OH and Lonely Planet is an AMAZING guide because it gives you cheap but decent hotels & restaurants in whatever area you're in!

xo Marlen
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The Dainty Dolls House said...

The only graphic novels I have read, are X-Men & Superman, haha. My daughter loves them like I did as a child. I'll have to start back reading them though, as I do enjoy them. Never heard of this one, will have to find it. If I come across any good ones, I will let you know. I hope you find some too :) xo

miss b said...

I'm always reading books about Paris or set in Paris and I like this idea of a graphic novel - definitely one for my suitcase!Thanks for the recommendation.

Laura Bear said...

Amazing! I have never read one either but when you put it that way, I think I will check this one out!

little t said...

Thanks for that Marlen!

Miss b, me too! You will definitely love this. One of the better ones.

Krystal said...

interesting! i've never read a novel like that, might have to pin it for a vacay this year :)

little t said...

Do, Krystal, you'd love it.

Diana Mieczan said...

French Milk is one of my favourite graphic novels:) Happy day, sweetie.