Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cycles of Life

cycles of life

Bicycles and Grant Snider’s illustrations:  two of my favourite things!

p.s. Another one.


maria said...

hahahaha!!! Nice one, Thelma. good way to start my Friday!!
Sorry I haven't been online much this week. Crazy busy at work (how unfortunate...ha) but nice to come back and catch up on your blog.
Have a good weekend, girl.

trishie said...

This is great! Good to know what lies ahead. Have a great weekend

miss b said...

A fun post to brighten the day. Enjoy the weekend.

ivette said...

I want the eccentric old age for sure!!! seems more fun haha.. cool illustration!

Mat said...

ha that's great, maybe i'm in the experimental phase then. i do the gift board on pinterest too, so handy, plus you can share them with your family too