Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best of… July 12

Oh my my my, oh my my my, oh my my my myyyyyyyyyy, July.  Oh my my my. My my. Oh my my my myyyyyyy July. July. July. Ju-ly. If you think I’m going slightly crazy, let me inform you this is a song by Mundy.  Yeah, I sing a lot.  No, I don’t think I’m any good.

Anyway, here’s my ‘best of’ for July, complete with my usual commentary and titbits, if you so care:

july expresso2

via Express-o

Hanelli, you are killing me.

july modernhep1

july sart1

via Modern Hepburn and The Sartorialist

Plait you hair.  Put on a pretty dress.  Take out your bicycle.

july expresso1

july ss1

july sart2

via Express-o, Stockholm Streetstyle and The Sartorialist

My search for the perfect hat hasn’t yet come to fruition.  It’s not too late- its still Summer where I’m headed.  Any suggestions?

july sj5

july sj3

july sj2

via Sincerely Jules

Jules’ panama is from GAP.

july toast2

via Fashion Toast

This is a piece by Philip Lim. Anytime a dress is called a piece, I know I can’t afford it. The fold-over detail is creeping into a few different collections I’ve seen, including on the high street. I recently picked up this top at H&M with a similar flattering drape.

july sj6

via Sincerely Jules

This here is (merely) a dress by Finders Keepers (meaning I can afford it- sort of). I’m going to write a whole other post to tell you about this brand!

july tkow2

via That Kind of Woman

Loafer-type shoes seem to be replacing the ballet pump.  Everyone was wearing them in Paris- those French girls, they know!

july mydailystyle1

july sj4

via My Daily Style and Sincerely Jules

Polka dots and quite possibly the perfect pair of jeans by Zara.

july tkow1

via That Kind of Woman

I love men in stripes.

july modernhep2

via Modern Hepburn

So, um.  Hi.

july toast1

via Fashion Toast

More on Pinterest- feel free to stalk me.  Real friendly like.


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, those amazing loafers and the mustard colour coat is calling my name. Btw: Thank you so much for including exPress-o:) Muah


Great inspirational pictures Thelma!

I don't own a pair of loafers just yet, but seeing this cool girl makes me want to go out and buy tons of them... and i love Sincerely Jules as much as you do... she always plays with simple looks and she manages to look unique.


Josie said...

Hanneli! I just love her. And Rumi Neely, in her 'pieces' that I love but can only dream about. I'm dying to wear something a bit summery but this weather is so damp and dreary :( xxx

Kashaya said...

Great outfits, loved tis post.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love your best ofs here. There are quite a few looks that I want to copy.


Nicole Marie said...

I lost count of how many outfits I would KILL for!!!

Ice Pandora said...

Thanks for posting
these looks c: They
are a huge inspiration


Shoaib said...

wow nice blog dear can we follow each other..?

fluff and fripperies said...

I love a man in stripes too. Fight ya for him.

Mat said...

into that mens striped shirt

Punctuation Mark said...

That draped tan dress is gorgeous... Happy August!

Erica said...

It's hard to find a great hat. I'd say keep looking and even try styles your not so sure about... you never know what might work (or won't) until you give them on your head.

Camila Faria said...

My new summer mantra: "Plait you hair. Put on a pretty dress. Take out your bicycle." Love it!

Ceciliette said...

Too many styllish girls and looks.. i love them all!!
Hope you find the hat before summer ends!

Krystal said...

i had to pin that 2nd girl...loved it.

trishie said...

I like the Finders Keepers brand. Pretty and affordable!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love the first picture, gorgeous fabric. All of these are the range of styles xx

Whitney Cosgrave said...

great looks!

monica said...

loving these outfits!

im just loving everything soft and silky this summer

Caro * said...

A lot of beautiful styles :)

navy and orange said...

love these light layers for summer!!

xoxo navy & orange

little t said...

No problem Diana!

Ha ha Emma... well there are two men here...

Thanks Erica, I am currently trying on every hat I see in shops!

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