Sunday, March 11, 2012

The little t guide to… Holidaying in the Emirates (Part 5)

If you don’t like theme parks, we can’t be friends anymore.  Harsh, but there’s no point pretending.  It’s just not going to work out between the two of us, because, well, I don’t get you.


I like theme parks.  A lot.  I also like cars, and all things Italian.  So you can understand my delight at the thought of spending the day at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

formula rossa1

I am equally excited about two things:

formula rossa

Thing 1: Formula Rossa is the fastest rollercoaster in the world (in the world!)- you have to wear safety googles! I’m wondering will the experience induce fits of panic similar to the last time I wore safety goggles?



Thing 2: G-Force.  You are launched 620 metres into the sky, given a couple of seconds to catch your breath (I think) and then plummeted back to the ground again. Fun.

mamma rosella1

I am only marginally less excited about the food.  Italian food is my absolute favourite and the pizza at Mamma Rossella is supposed to be uh-mazing.  I propose we do it Italian-style while we’re here.  Proper.  A cup of Italian coffee (with crema, Fi), biscotti, house-made gelato… I say yes to that.



Bell’Italia is the perfect after-dinner activity.  It’s labelled as a kids’ attraction in the brochure, but that sucks if you ask me. When has a child ever dreamed of cruising around Italy in their own Ferrari? Never. I own that dream.



Great thought went into the clever design of a miniature Italy, complete with all the famous landmarks and racing tracks. Even the grass and plants used in its landscaping is native to Italy. You can walk around it or tour in a small-scale Ferrari 250 California (circa 1958).

ferrariworld carousel

I have similar feelings about the carousel. Who decided carousels are for children? Even I feel a little silly hopping up when I don’t have a token child with me to hold responsible. Ferrari’s take on the carousel substitutes future Ferrari prototypes for the traditional horses, so I suspect I won’t be the only adult there eager for a  road-test.

scuderia challenge

If you fancy proving your driving skills,  you can take on the professionals in the Scuderia challenge:


This is the ultimate in state of the art racing experiences- these are the same simulators as those used by Scuderia drivers in training.


As I mentioned before, multimedia presentations do it for me, but I know at least one other person who is going to love The Racing Legends: a journey through history! With footage from the 1950’s first Italian road rallies, its like taking a step back in history, kind-of.  There’s also a 4D virtual tour of the factory in Maranello to find out how they make these beauties.



(See Part 4 of my guide to the Emirates here!)


fluff and fripperies said...

I like theme parks! PHEW! we can still be friends!

Diana Mieczan said...

How incredible! I'd love to spend a day there. Muah, sweetie.

Ashley said...

That is the best carousel I have ever seen!!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love roller coasters, although nothing Italian. But, I will ride any roller coaster, yessss! x

butiksofie said...

Soooo Great i Love Parks Hugh Anja

Amanda said...

Swooooon is right! Look at that baby! And I only just rode my first "big" roller coaster this past summer, but let's just say I'm hooked! Happpy Monday!

little t said...

Ha ha, Emma, I would have made an exception for you- don't tell!

Dainty Doll, how can you like NOTHING Italian?

Style, She Wrote said...

Amazing spots! I had no idea that the fasted roller coaster was there! xo style, she wrote

NOVAGIRL said...

All of this looks amazing! That restaurant is making me drool!