Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This morning, I asked my (kindergarten) class what day it is.  “TUESDAY!” was the enthusiastic chorus (they are enthusiastic about everything at this age).  “Not just any Tuesday,” I replied.  “Pancake Tuesday!”  

Followed by blank stares.

“Really?  You don’t have Pancake Tuesday?  That’s so sad.”


I instructed them to go home and ask their parents to make some pancakes immediately.  Pancake Tuesday is an important part of growing up after all.

pancake caterpiller


Lucy is making the pancakes this year, and we are all very excited.  For me, the classic lemon and sugar.  This is where delicious lives.

lemon and sugar

I won’t bore you with tips on achieving the perfect pancake- the truth is I don’t know.  But how about this clever trick:

pancake tip

Happy flipping x


Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

Happy Pancake day! :)

Love, Vanilla

Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

We're clashing on the pancake post ! I was actually going to ask you if you had pancake day over there - but you've answered my question already.

Hmm - the Heinz effort looks interesting little T




Diana Mieczan said...

How fantastic...happy pancake day, sunshine!!! Kisses and hugs

Ashley said...

Mmm...lemon and sugar. That sounds like heaven!! America's classic is butter and syrup. haha.

Sveva said...

Pancake day?! It's a great day!
Happy pancake day!!


fluff and fripperies said...

Lemon and sugar is the classic combo! Great to hear you're introducing your kids to the joys of Pancake Tuesday xo

little t said...

Joanne, I just read yours immediately after posting this... great minds and all that!

Butter and syrup is another favorite Ashley!