Monday, February 27, 2012

Impossibly Cool Kids

Is it wrong to teach kindergarten kids  the Crank That Soulja Boy dance and call that class Music?  I don’t see how it is.

My students know a thing or two about being cool.  I’d like to sneakily post a few of their pictures to the Children With Swag tumblr, but since I don’t have their parents’ consent, I know that would be wrong.  Here’s a few of my favourites directly from the site instead:







fluff and fripperies said...

These kids are amazing! The first wee guy is my favourite. I'm off to check out that site! xo

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Oh my goodness, that is adorable. Why wasn't I aware of this site sooner? Wow!!!


Stacy Curran said...

Lol! Love these!

Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

Love these pictures - they made me smile.

Thanks for posting Little T



Jenny in Ohio said...

oh my gosh...I have never heard of that site! haha, love it! Those kids are way cooler than me.

Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

SO cute! :)

Love, Vanilla

Bonnie said...

Coolest.Kids.Ever. If I have a kid, my kid will be dressed like a pimp all the time.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Patty said...

These kids are so cute!!! (AND impossibly cool!)

I vote more Soulja boy :)

Gloria said...

OMG adorable! And they're definitely much cooler than I was at their age :-)

little t said...

Erin, that's exactly what I thought. But I think the site is pretty new- it is so addictive. Great for inspiration!

thehiddenfairy said...

cute kids & photos are out of the ordinary!

Ely @ Caribbean Living said...

OMG!!! These are absolutely hi-laaaaaarious!

When we have kids (one day in the very very distant future...), I shall aim to make them as cool as these ones!

little t said...

Me too Ely, it is so much more fun to dress kids up without any of the restrictions that come with an adult wardrobe!