Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Sophia,

The lil’est member of our family, my niece Sophia, was born one month ago today.  More than ever before, I wish it were possible to hold time still.  It’s all going too fast.  The letter below, via I wrote this for you, is entitled The First Day on Earth, so I’m a little late (as always), but I reckon most of the advice still applies to little Sophia.


First, you need to relax. I know it's not as warm as it once was but you get used to the cold and warmth can be found in the people around you.

Secondly, do not get used to crying to get things. Some people never grow out of it. Avoid them. Spend time around people who smile in the face of despair. Learn from them all you can. Everyone is a lesson. A story. A unique and wondrous perspective on the chaos that is human existence. The more people you talk to, the more you understand it. But never speak if you have the opportunity to listen. Especially if you want someone to like you. There's nothing you can say that'll endear someone to you as much as really and truly listening to them.

You are on day one of a sometimes remarkable, sometimes terrible, sometimes beautiful, strange and always completely unknown journey. Be ok with this. Worrying about what happens next will ruin the surprise. You will meet strange people along the way, some good, some bad. This is a pattern that will more than likely repeat constantly as you grow up. Some things will be good, some things will be bad. Neither will ever last forever. Nothing will stay the same. Appreciate every moment of happiness and remember it when you despair. Hold them close. And when you are happy, remember the moments of despair and think to yourself, "I told you so."

Never let someone else define you. You are your own creation and only you decide how you feel, who you are and what you want. This can be scary at first but it is liberating to truly and utterly embrace your own identity. People who hate you for not being like them are not worth hating back. Please, let go of hate whenever you can. Accept love whenever it is given and give it out freely. It is the most powerful force on earth.

Enjoy your stay.


Diana Mieczan said...

It's so beautiful and true, sweetie + this little cutie is so adorable:) Awww...xoxo

Unknown said...

Bless! Sophia is gorgeous and with an aunt like you around to advise her she's going to have the attitude and smarts to match :)

Shoko said...

this is so sweet and so special. she's lucky to have you!