Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best of… November 2013

So it looks like I have a bit of catching up to do.  Of course, I could just leave November in November, where it belongs… and stop trying to drag it into April (!) where it definitely does NOT belong, but I’ve had a ‘best of’ post for every month since I started the series (back in September 2010).  I’ll sleep better if we keep it that way.  We’re going back…

nov sj1

nov sj2

via Sincerely Jules

nov betty1

via Le Blog de Betty

nov ft1

via Fashion Toast

nov sj3

nov sj4

via Sincerely Jules

nov sorakeem1

via Sorakeem

nov troprouge1

via Trop Rouge

nov wheredidu1

nov wheredidu2

via Where Did U Get That


oomph. said...

love your picks. i always appreciate a peep of leopard in an outfit.

MARTA said...

Well, the you definitely are a bit of a perfectionist ;) (I am too!)Anyway, i think i could wear those slouchy pants all yeard around! Looove them.