Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best of… January 2013

January days ticked away quite nicely, didn’t they? Hmm, yeah.

jan citybrewed1

via City Brewed

Ellie, I envy your ability to wear a hat with such swag.  In case nobody has mentioned it to you lately, you’re really something!

jan sart5

jan favthings1

More girl crushing via The Sartorialist and Favorite Things

jan sart2

File under: how to dress like a man, without looking like a man via The Sartorialist

jan coco1

jan coco2

THAT backless maxi via Cocogroove

jan ft1

jan ft2

jan ft3

jan ft4

jan ft5

jan ft6

via Fashion Toast

jan kcome1

Pretty ring via K come Karolina

jan sj2

jan sj1

Oh Jules! via Sincerely Jules

jan vj1

When a smile is part of your style via Vanessa Jackman

jan tkow1

via TKOW

More on pinterest.  xo.


ivette said...

awesome shots.. the style of each and every one of these girls is fab.. I especially love Rumi Neely's.. (fashion toast)... and wish I could rock the boyish, masculine look but jeans are just not fitted for my petite and curvy figure.. the curves make it impossible to look boyish ha :S... not a fact I like to tell you the truth..
anyway,,,thanks for the comments on my blog, I appreciate it!.. and since you mention something that has been a question to me for ages, maybe you can help me out to figure this out...the word "swag"... what does that exactly mean?

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Great shots...that 4th picture is amazing, she is so striking, love that one!! xx

MARTA said...

How i like it when you make this kind of posts.. so juicy! So hard to pick just one look, since all these girls have it in their blood. Btw, thanks again for mentioning my blog :)

Camila Faria said...

Oh, that backless maxi is FAB!!!

Meream said...

When a smile is part of your style. I love that!

Nicole said...

Why is it you always find the best photo's? Every time I attempt to do such a post.. well.. all fails.

fluff and fripperies said...

I'm not sure I'm even the same species as these gorgeous glowing beings - they are fabulous!

little t said...

Ivette, to me swag is stylish in a very confident way and cool. But that's just my own definition. It always make me think of people walking with a swagger, but the origin of the two words might be completely unrelated. Does that answer your question?

Ellie said...

Thank you for featuring me darling! Means so much!!

Checking out your pinterest now...