Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Rose Bakery Café, Paris

Despite some negative reviews on trip advisor, one describing this café as "the most overrated eatery in the world", Fiona and I were still lured to the Rose Bakery by the beautiful descriptions contained in Fi's much loved cookbook.

We had a little trouble finding it but once we did, we were pleased: very quaint and inconpicuous, a little entrance where the staff were busy unloading a delivery of fresh produce.

We arrived for breakfast (of course), but as pleased as we were to have found it, noone seemed very pleased to see us. Save for another touristy looking couple, we were the only customers (while there were approximately 2 staff per square metre). As we hovered close to the entrance, we weren't quite ignored by the staff, but rather endured like a couple of irritating fruit flies attempting to land on their freshly baked goods.

Never ones to wait to be looked after, Fiona and I seated ourselves and procrastinated over whether we should go to the counter and begin enthusiastically pointing at things we wanted. It was then that the staff seemed to accept that we weren't going anywhere and begrudingly brought us some menus.

All this criticism is not without its happy ending, as it has to be said the food was AMAZING!

We both ordered scones, which came served with unsalted butter and really delicious homemade jam. Fiona had a 'piggy latté' (twice the size of the usual dinky portions of coffee they serve in France) and I had a hot chocolate and, as there wasn't a piggy option, I promptly followed it with another one. We also sampled the pistachio cake (yuuuuum!) and a muffin (when asked what flavour muffins were available, our charming waiter's reply was "Blueberry and something"; after my expression indicated that this description was not acceptable, he slumped off- presumably to find out what the something was...)

If you are in an unshakable good humour and can endure (or even laugh about?) unattentive and at times quite rude employees, then I would recommend this place.

Believe it or not, I'd go back.

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