Monday, August 30, 2010

Spot the Difference?

This is a trick question. There is no difference (well not really...)

Here are the small differences:
1. They are a slightly different texture- St. Moriz is more liquidy
2. St. Moriz' guide colour looks a little darker
3. St. Moriz comes out a bit better on your legs
4. St. Tropez retails at €39.95 (a little cheaper online or if its on offer) and St. Moriz retails at €4 in Penneys
5. The bottles look a little different
6. One is called St. Trpoez and one is called St. Moriz

I was convinced that St. Tropez mousse was the best around- no need to try anything else- until I tried this one on Denise's recommendation.

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