Monday, August 23, 2010

Orlando, Ellen and Portia

Let me introduce you to the newest members of the family...

Okay, so at this stage most of you will have heard about the cock. Our relationship got off to a bit of a rocky start when everytime I went home to Tullow for some R&R , I was rudely awoken at approximately 6am every morning by his incessant crowing (this irritating alarm became earlier and earlier as the summer months crept in).

But I've become fond of Orlando. Fiona and I named him that because of his appearance. We decided that he was just too pretty and exotic looking to be a regular cock, the Orlando Bloom of the poultry world, if you will. So we called him Orlando Plume (yes, we think we're hilarious!).

Anyway, Dad decided that Orlando was a bit lonely and decided to buy a couple of hens (naturally). Introducing the pair to Orlando has turned out to be an interesting experiment. Unfortunately, I wasn't around to witness it myself, but going on Dad's account, poor Orlando was "afraid of his shite".

Following some coaxing, they seem to cohabit pretty successfully now, although its far from cozy. Orlando continues to sleep in the barbeque, while the hens have taken over the coop. They seem to have no interest in the beautiful Orlando- We think they might be lesbians- so we named them after the only two famous lesbians we could think of, Ellen and Portia DeHENeres (again, hilarious- I know!)

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