Monday, August 5, 2013

Best of… July 2013

Throughout last month, there was no point in asking me what day of the week it was.  July was one long Saturday.

july sj1

While the sun shone in Ireland (shocker), I pretty much lived in this Zara skort, which I bought in two colours (black and a bright orange red).  No regrets. via Sincerely Jules

july facehunter1

This chic scooter is something I did not live in (on?), but wouldn’t that have been nice?  One day!  Scooters make normal(ish) outfits look really cool.  Here’s a tip:  if you want to sell me something, put it on a scooter.  via Facehunter

july sart4

july coohuco1

via The Sartorialist and Coohuco

Prints, prints, prints… everywhere.  We talked about how to mix them last month, but even I’m not so concerned now.  Rules seem more bendy as the Summer sets in.

july heypretty1

july cocohuco1

via Hey Pretty Thing and Coohuco

Faded leopard print will always be my ‘go to’.  I’ve wanted these leopard print Vans for the longest time.

july sj

july sj2

Jules, flaunting those jeans shorts in my face (I’m still looking!).

july wheredidyou2

july village1

Pretty bags, via Where Did You Get That? and Village

july trop1

july wheredidyou1

july wheredidyou3

Monochrome works for Summer too, via Trop Rouge and Where Did You Get That?

july sart3

via The Sartorialist

And a handsome man.  Oh, I’m so predictable!


Camila Faria said...

The leopard print Vans is, oh, so pretty. Love it - and want it - too!

ivette said...

uuu very handsome in deed.. loving the pics.. and loving leopard print.. I don't think I'll ever get over it.. timeless!

MARTA said...

I'm loving all the styles in this post and all the accessories... the bags are just perfect!

Matthew Pike said...

Hollie tried on those Vans the other day, she's waiting for a sale though.

little t said...

Smoldering, Ivette!

I haven't fitted them on yet Mat, that's whats holding me back really. I've just been coveting them online.

Erin said...

That maroon bag is just to die for. Off to track that down now. I'm excited to see this series in the fall and winter (my favorite seasons for clothes. I know, I'm weird.) xo

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

those vans are so cute! i need a new pair of sneakers in my life, i might just look at some of those!

lindsey louise

Laura Bear said...

Ah such a good round up. And I totally agree that the further into summer it seems the easier to mix any and all prints! Love it!

Beauty Follower said...

Great styles, brilliant ideas!

Krystal said...

and from this i've re-learned the beauty of accessorizing..or one unique item.

little t said...

I think the bag is Celine Erin (but I'm not 100% sure).

GIAA said...

love these pictures! great selection!

Purple Ivy said...

Beautiful photos.


Casual Jenny said...

you always pick the best outfits/pictures! Love this feature of yours :)