Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Writing


While planning another weekend of ‘figuring my life out’,  I found myself enchanted by this.  I just wanna write shit.


maria said...

love this!! Hope you get to the 'figuring your life out' bit and that it's filled with all amazing things.
can I just say your previous post is amazing. there are so many great pics there. Love the yellow dress and the gorgeous winter coats...not to mention the hair-do of the girl with red lipstick!

Have a great weekend!
Maria :)

Erica said...

Girl, you have a blog, so write away!!! :)

MARTA said...

Honestly Thelma, i feel like i'm in a constant state of "figuring out"... in my case, i'm trying to use the means i have, go for what makes me happy and hopefully everything will work out. And just so you know, you're great at writing so just write!

On a side note, i look nothing like Lily but your compliment has definitely made my day :D

Ashley said...

yes ma'am. That's all I gotta say bout that.

Leslie said...

Hi Thelma, These are fantastic photos. The top photo is priceless and that gymnast.. GEEZZZ amazing!