Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thing #31: Have a BBQ

Let’s be clear about something here: ‘have a barbeque’ and ‘host a barbeque’ are two entirely different things.  I had a barbeque because that’s what was clearly stated on the list and by having a barbeque, I mean that I turned up at one with a shop-bought cake (the fancy kind),  played Jenga with the burger toppings and over-complimented the chef.  That’s what having a barbeque means to me.

I like to imagine I could be the host.  I like to think of myself as the type of person that should you show up at my apartment unexpected, I’d be able to greet you warmly while flicking on the kettle with one hand and taking some baked delicious thing out of the oven with the other.  I’d like to think I’d be wearing a pair of socially acceptable pants.  But some of these things we like to think about ourselves are not always real.

So I had a barbeque, compliments of some real-life hosts, Dee and Tim.  Dee always has something tasty on the stove.  Tim knows how to man a barbeque.  They just have those kind of faces that you want to see every time you’re hungry.  Together, they are a power couple, foodie-style.

This was major.  Dee and Tim live on Dubai Marina (right on it!) so we got everything set up on a balmy evening with only the prettiest of views.  Then, the food!  Everything tastes better off a barbeque-grill, right?  But I’m always most excited about the accompaniments- there was a whole trestle table full of them.  There was homemade Pimm’s and the most amazing coleslaw and even chilli (because there are no rules about what you can bring to a barbeque).  Someone brought homemade carrot cake that knocked me right off my dessert-providing high horse.  When I eventually get around to getting the recipe, I’ll be sure to pass it on to you.

Anyway, this post was sort of all over the place.  Just a little real life me coming out.  I’m okay with not being the host, and so so grateful to those more competent in that role.

€5 has been donated to UNICEF Ireland for the completion of this ‘thing’.  Click here if you too would like to donate online.


Camila Faria said...

Now I MUST have a BBQ too! :)

Krystal said...

soooo excited for summer and bbq's. i'm def more like you having them :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love them, could have one now as well, I have a little blue retro looking grill, so I should use it :) x

MARTA said...

BBQs are certainly a bliss in life! You just made me wanna crave summer and a bbq day so badly :)

fluff and fripperies said...

This BBQ sounds epic!

dsfashion said...

perfect for summer!

Ellie said...

Ok this makes me wish it was summer (or spring, or really just warmer), and I was having (or hosting) a BBQ.

Thinking back to last summer when a huge group of friends cooked on the grill, had beers, and even broke out the slip n slide is making me a little nostalgic. Ugh!

Great post :)