Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best of… May 12

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Diana wrote a post last month on stylish couples and it blew my mind-  how do these people find each other?  Are there secret parties that you only get invited to if you are impossibly stylish?  Maybe people who are made for each other will just find one another in this world.  That’s a nice thought.

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No surprises:  Jules is my star lady again this month.  I simply can’t fault her.  Here she is in sheer polka-dots, , man shirts and blazers, pink denim and breton stripes- acting like its all no biggie.

may sj5

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may sj1

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via Sincerely Jules

Do you know how much I like stripes yet?  If not, you must be new here.  Stripes spell summer to me.

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via With Love, from Nisha

Ice-cream coloured nails spell Summer too.

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Speaking of Summer, the temperatures here have risen into the mid 40s and I’m about ready to admit its too hot for me!  My discomfort will be short-lived as I’ll be on a plane home to Ireland in less than 3 weeks!  Two staples I’m looking forward to being reunited with: my mac and my leather jacket. 

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I’m hoping the Irish Summer will still be, well summery, and I can still look forward to putting on my shades and going for long pointless strolls. (Last year it rained all. Summer. long).

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via The Mirror on the Wall

My blog discovery this month is The Mirror on the WallCheck it.

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via That Kind of Woman

And here is a handsome man, because that approach went down so well the last time.  I’d like to retract any statements I may have made in the past about men sporting elbow patches.  Now come to Mama.


Emmy said...

How cute is that couple on the first pic?!? I almost hate them for looking like that:P And I must be living under a rock coz I've never seen Jules' blog before. Imma gonna go check it out now!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love stripes too, that dress is wonderful :))) Very well dressed men too, nice to see! I used to hate those elbow patches, but lately I have seen a few jackets and they have not been so bad!! Very nice!! xx

Diana Mieczan said...

That is a beautiful thought, indeed and thank you for the link-love. Have a great day, sweetie.

Beauty Follower said...

I like the photos with the couples!

Gloria said...

You look fabulous - rock that bright lipstick til the very end :-)

A Certain Vintage said...

After a promising few weeks I am sorry to report that it has rained solidly the last few days in Ireland with no promise of stopping. Maybe if it gets the rain out of it's system July won't be as awful as normal! These pictures are so effortlessly stylish! I wish clothes sat as well on me as they do on Jules

trishie said...

i love the polka dot pants!

Marta said...

I love Jules style too... she always comes with such unexpected but so effective looks... she's surely a great source of inspiration. And what about stripes.. i'm also so into them lately..they are simply cool :) Hope you enjoy your time in Ireland!

Mat said...

the couples thing is a sweet thought

Caro * said...

Fabulous pictures, a lot of great styles ;)

Camila Faria said...

I love to look at those stylish couples, they're like a secret society or something! And the ice-cream colored nail polishes are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just love everything here.

Ceciliette said...

i have no season for stripes..i wear them all year long!!!!!!
And it was a nice thought that about couples in general ;)

yessie said...

Omg- I always think that when I see a stylish couple! Where did they find each other? Is there a secret society? Meetings? Ha:) that last one is so right on- come to mama- love that!

little t said...

I did hear about the current situation with Irish weather- and I like the theory of Ireland getting its bad weather out of its system before my arrival! But I'm not holding my breath!

jos xx said...

i find your comment about two people made for each other - just awesome. life can be really full of surprizes sometimes.

that man is just awesome.