Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thing #20: Give up something for Lent

For some reason, Roisin and I decided to give up cheese for Lent.  Please don’t ask why.

This is the worst thing I have done so far.

I have no idea why I even put it on the stupid list.

Traditionally, giving something up for Lent is believed to free your mind of materialistic things in order to reap countless spiritual benefits.  In short, the time I usually spent gorging myself with cheese should have been spent contemplating my role in society and improving my inner self.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really think about that.  Instead I thought about deep fried brie, margarita pizza slices, risotto, croque monsieur, carbonara, baked cheesecake and bagels with Philadelphia.  I thought about Eddie Rockets cheese fries and Dominos Two-for-Tuesdays.  I thought about my Mam’s lasagne and my Dad’s special Sunday night toasties.  I thought everything I was eating might taste better with a little parmesan.

Unfortunately I didn’t even lose a few pounds as I over-substituted other foods for cheese at a weighted ratio of 4:1.

Unfortunately, my friends and family members suffered through my withdrawal symptoms through no fault of their own.

Unfortunately, nobody benefitted in any way from this thing.

But I did it.  And no one can take that away from me.

€5 was donated to Habitat for Humanity for the completion of this thing (so I guess somebody will benefit).  Click here to read about the cause and donate online.



Diana Mieczan said...

That is a brillaint post and well done to you, sweetie. I would probably have a really hard time giving up cheese or bread but Im thinking about giving up sugar for a few months and see how that works out for me. Have a great Tuesday

Lika. said...

cute blog :X♥

fluff and fripperies said...

I've always thought giving stuff up for Lent was stupid - but that's because I have absolutely zero willpower. I admire that you did it, and with that most tempting of foodstuffs, too! You're doing amazing stuff with the list.

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

Well done for getting through it! I love cheese! Seriously I take my hat off to you... I could not have managed to give up cheese ha ha :)

Love, Vanilla


amy b.s. said...

i too gave up cheese for lent and for some reason didn't think how difficult it would actually be. there is cheese in everything, i swear! great job on making it through!

Jenny in Ohio said...

hehe, awww, I do not think I could give up cheese! That was very bold. Glad you made it through and can eat all those yummy things now. Good for you.

I gave up facebook for lent and it actually was really nice- no adverse effects like you!

Krystal said...

you are very brave, i'm not sure i could do it!

oomph. said...

congrats for following thru! cheese is something i couldn't give up...i love it too much!


le sorelle said...

That is too funny - I could never give up cheese! Ice cream was hard enough - and chocolate! Let's not go there.. ;) But good for you for sticking through it!

sorelle in style

audrey marie said...

one year i gave up shopping. was pretty tough but actually more rewarding then the years before when i gave up chocolate. particularly for my bank acct!!

ChiccaStyle said...

Great post honey!I would probably have a really hard time giving up cheese or bread but or icecream...
Happy Wensday!