Saturday, May 29, 2010

Krakow, Poland

So I'm just back from an extended weekend in the beautiful city of Krakow. We had lovely weather, punctuated with heavy rain showers- what with the crazy unpredictatble weather and all the Polish people, we could have been at home!

I won't bore you with the bits I didn't like about Poland (and we did some complaining!), just the bits I did.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my vodka- and the Polish vodka definitely lives up to its fame. I was tickled with the row of flavoured Absolut in even the smallest of bars (Pear is my favourite), but the best part was the cocktails. You cannot get a bad cocktail in Krakow.

The exchange rate is pretty exciting too - there are 4 zloty to every euro, but I had t remind myself a couple of times to divide what I was paying by 4.

My best bit (and its fair to say Niamh's aswell) was the night life. We spent Friday night in a club called Frantic (a name that some of the clubbers took a little too literally) dancing until the early hours to some of the best dj-ing (combined with live bongo drums) I have ever heard. Do you know the feeling where you have to pull yourself from the dancefloor to go to the bar?

I'll post some photos soon. x

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